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People have often come into The Magic Teapot and, struck by its unique design and lovely welcoming atmosphere, said, "Wow, this place is amazing. Do you sell them?" And unfortunately, we have always said, "No, because we are too busy running it at festivals!"

Well, in 2020, with literally nothing going on in Magic Teapot world, and an awful lot of time on our hands, we decided to develop the structures for sale.

We made a smaller, weather-tight one for glamping (5m diameter), with a woodburner at the centre instead of a big open fire. We also made a much larger one for hospitality and events, a fantastic alternative to your regular marquee (12m diameter). To give you a sense of scale, our regular Magic Teapot that you see at festivals sits between these two sizes at 8m diameter.

And so, The Magic Teapot's sister business, named Qorone, was born. You can read all about it at

Interior bed.jpg
Night glow.jpg
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